THE SOUL OF Circo Cuba Libre


Circo Cuba Libre's 30 world renowned artists have trained for years to master their craft in Cuba's prestigious national circus school. For this reason our artistes truly live and breath circus, a breathtaking visual passion that audiences in the UK will be thrilled to watch.

In recent times Cuba has seen a dramatic change taking place within the country, a cultural revolution at which circus is the forefront. For this reason, Circo Cuba Libre needs to be seen to be believed and witnessed before it's gone forever. 

After a visit to Havana, Cuba, Circo Cuba Libre's Directors, Phillip & Carol Gandey, who also produce the world renowned Chinese State Circus, recognised the promise of this raw talent and took the decision to showcase this Cuban cultural phenomenon right here in the UK. In collaboration with Cuba's National Circus School they have personally selected 30 world class circus artistes to perform in Circo Cuba Libre's first ever UK wide production in 2017.