Music is so essential to the Cuban character that you can’t distangle it from the history of the nation
— Ned Sublette

Music, as with circus, has been a key component of Cuban culture throughout the countries history and it's unique style will be the soundtrack to Circo Cuba Libre in 2017. Thanks to Cuba's unique history, the musical style of the nation has influences from all over the world, however Spanish and African undertones are the easiest to detect in it's fast, fun and free beat! 

The most common and iconic musical genre in Cuba is known as Son, which you may recognise as the quintessentially Cuban bass, guitar and drum bands on beautiful Havana streets. Cuban music is highly praised and well received throughout the world - rising to fame with the likes of renowned establishments such as the Buena Vista Social Club.


As exciting celebration of Cuban culture Circo Cuba Libre will feature 6 genuine Cuban musicians all the way from Havana. They will be scoring the show with music which is just as exotic and thrilling for your ears as the acts are for your eyes.